New Month’s Resolution – September 2021

Happy New Month!

I’ve had such a wonderful time this last month, enjoying the last days of summer with my family. My children have been absolutely obsessed with their new baby cousin, who we’ve spent nearly every evening with. We managed to cram a lot of summer into the last month, with trips to the water park and swim clubs, parties with friends and family and more than one barbecue. It was a fine month, by any standard.

Now for this month’s focus: a major life shift. Both of my youngest children start (pre-)school tomorrow! They’re very excited, but it also represents a new chapter with new challenges. I want to be 100% focused on managing that change, both in terms of supporting my kids and in terms of keeping myself sane and productive as schedules change and new demands present themselves.

I’m probably not alone in having this focus for September, so good luck to all!

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