New Month’s Resolution – November 2021

Happy New Month!

This is it. This is the month. I’m tackling my sleep problems.

There are several essential components to a healthy lifestyle, in both the physical and mental sense: good diet, good exercise, lots of hydration, sunlight, sleep.

I’ve got a really great handle on all of those but one. My relationship with sleep is so horrible, in fact, that I’m not actually planning to fix it in one month. I don’t think that’s realistic. Instead, my goal in this next month is to try enough different things that I can determine if I think the problem is actually medical and thus requires medical intervention, or if there are lifestyle changes I haven’t tried yet. There are a few things that don’t really work for me – while sleeping pills are a possibility, the fact that I have young children means I don’t ever want to be “unresponsive” at night, so whatever solution I find has to involve not drugging myself into unconsciousness each night. I need healthy sleep.

So, wish me luck on my journey. This is a hard one.

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