Chassis or Chains?

Structure is a double-edged sword. If you’re not overly fond of structure, you might call it “needless busy work” or “bureaucratic red tape.” Things like documenting your mistakes, writing out templates, establishing policies. Meetings.

But with the right application, those things aren’t hindrances – they’re the shape of the rocket. The rocket will never fly, even if you have all the right parts, if they’re not in the right shape. If they’re not rigid and supported, they’re just a pile of junk.

The error goes both ways. Some people think “anything other than pure, direct creation is just a pointless drag on my process” and those people can never scale, grow, or repeatable-ize. Other people think “success requires structure, so as long as I create structure it will, in turn, create success.” But… nope. Those are “meetings for the sake of meetings” people, and they’re the worst.

A pile of junk won’t fly. But neither will an assemblage of parts carefully and rigidly shaped like an airport. You need a shape, but you need the right shape, and you need it to not have anything missing nor anything extra. This is difficult! It’s difficult enough that it should never be dismissed as automatic. This won’t just happen.

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