“Twitter Isn’t Google”

“Twitter isn’t Google” is good, actionable advice. Here’s what it means: due to social capital loss, you have a finite number of things you can successfully ask other people in a given time period. But there’s no penalty other than your own time to search for answers yourself. Because of that, unless you suspect that an answer will be MUCH harder to find yourself than asking someone else, you should try to independently discover it. In other words, before you type that question into Twitter, you should type it into Google.

What’s funny about this is that the advice is so concise and actionable, and yet to anyone 20 years ago it would be utter gibberish. It might be utter gibberish 20 years from now, too! I suppose a few decades ago you could have said “the phone book isn’t an encyclopedia” and gotten roughly the same point across, but I really love the nuances of time-dependent language. Someday people will say “the brainmesh isn’t infoAI” and we’ll all just understand what that means. The wheel turns.

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