Here it is. The last ride out for the year.

In a lot of game shows, when a contestant has to answer a series of questions or do a series of tasks rapidly under a tight time constraint, they’ll have the option to “pass.” They just forfeit the point, but they get to move on to the next question. If this option wasn’t there, then they could end up losing all of their time to a single question or task that they couldn’t do.

Passing is important. Sometimes the correct thing to do is maximize the resources you’ll bring to bear on the next task, whether it’s time, energy, or whatever other juice you need to spend. My point is that you probably have things you wanted to get done in 2021 and didn’t. Well, don’t carry it over. You can make a new goal that starts with the universe as it is right now, but that’s better than dragging with you the “unfinished business” of a goal you didn’t meet.

It’s time to let the year pass, as all years must do. Put a bow on it.

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