New Month’s Resolution – April 2022

Happy New Month!

I’m excited about this month. I have several trips and events planned, a full calendar for work already booked, interesting projects to undertake, and wonderful milestones ahead.

That being said, I do have a particular focus: kids other than my own. Many of my friends and family are raising amazing kids of their own, and a whole crop of them are now reaching the age where it’s cool to do things with people other than your own parents. I pride myself on “awesome uncle” status as well as my joy in being a father, so this month my plan is to spread the love around some more.

My father, in addition to spending tons of time with me, made it a point to be a presence in the lives of his many nieces, nephews, godchildren, and all of their friends. He didn’t just take me camping – he led camping trips of ten kids where I and my cousins brought friends as well. I didn’t always know the parents of my friends intimately, but all of my friends knew my dad very well. They’d even come to him for advice and help independently of me, and he was always willing to give it.

That’s the type of man I aspire to be, and this month I intend to make it my primary focus. Cheer me on, and may you also be a joy in the lives of those you treasure.

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