New Month’s Resolution – May 2022

Happy New Month!

This is a month of several big changes and the beginnings of new projects for me. I need space for these changes. Some of that means “physical space;” at least one of these ongoing projects will require a rearranging of my living space a little. And some of that means “space in my life,” because I will need both a re-examined schedule and a re-prioritization mentally.

When my children ask for things, my common response is: “Sure, what are you getting rid of to make room for it?” Space in our lives is finite, in all of those senses. You can’t get something without giving up something else. You can’t just “squeeze in” one more thing; you have to clear some space. And in clearing that space, you also get to re-examine the space you have for everything. Some things get more in the shuffle because you realize how important they are.

So that’s the plan this month: build the space I need for the things I consider important. May you all have success doing the same!

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