Did You Have a Nice Time?

I believe in experimental experiences. In other words, do things to try things! New things are good. At a certain point, you’re good at all the stuff you already do.

But because I like to think about my own experiences, I like to mull over how I know if I enjoyed something or not.

Good company makes things very enjoyable. But to that extent, if I’m with good company, am I biased towards the action itself? Let’s say I’d never ridden a roller coaster before. I decide to ride one with some of my dearest and most hilarious loved ones. We have a wonderful time. Later, it would be reasonable for me to ask if I actually enjoyed riding roller coasters!

The same is true in reverse, of course. I love camping, but if I had to go a whole weekend with someone I found really unbearable, that might sour the experience for me. And if it were the first time I went, I might judge camping a bit too harshly.

Good company is just one confounding factor – everything from my hydration level to how much sleep I’ve gotten recently can affect my perception of things.

Of course… if that’s true, is that bad? I mean, is the “problem” here that if I have good baseline physical and mental conditions and good company, I might “falsely” just enjoy everything I do, forever?

Maybe I’m onto something here.

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