Command Center

The more complex your information ecosystem starts to become, the more you start to need a central place that all of that information leads to. But this can create some significant friction!

It’s an old trope; the physical “inbox” sitting on a desk with stratified layers of paper, towering enormously over the desk, with the bottom third dating back decades. It’s a cliche for a reason – when you bottleneck all of your information into a central place, it slows the flow of that information down.

A command center has to be more than just the information graveyard, a place where it goes to die. It has to be a processing center that, at minimum, acts on information at the same speed it receives it.

This alone takes time. If you’re collecting information from multiple spheres of your life, it’s not going to be an instantaneous process to move it where it needs to be in order to take appropriate action. There are plenty of ways to do this sort of thing and I won’t pretend my way is the best for everyone. But the most elemental mistake you can make is assuming that your system doesn’t need its own slot in your schedule for maintainence. It does.

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