New Month’s Resolution – January 2023

Happy new month!

And, you know, happy new year, too!

Today, I asked my children what their resolutions were, and my resolution for this month is to help them with theirs. All of their resolutions were reasonable and awesome, and I’ll take great pride in helping them on their journey. My oldest wants to be able to do both a cartwheel and a handstand, my middle kid wants to memorize the names of every dinosaur (there are over 700, but if anyone can do it, she can), and my youngest said he wants to “be the boss,” which I’m translating into having more responsibility and being in charge of more things – a noble goal for the youngest of the brood.

What else is life but helping others? Find people whose dreams complement your own, and help each other. Let such be the theme of January – and all of 2023!

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