The Eternal Howl

We don’t, as people, howl as much as we should.

We all have the howl within us. The deepest sadness that comes from change, the loss of time and what that time held. As the nights pass, it is natural – even good – that we should howl. It is better than how we normally deal with that sadness.

The modern human hates being sad. We do so many bad things with it.

We turn it into other emotions. We don’t like being sad, so instead, we get mad. We pick fights, we blame others for our sadness, or we just rage where rage does nothing.

We evade it with self-destruction. We punish ourselves because we feel like all emotions must be deserved and so if we’re sad, we must have been bad, and so we must enact punishment on ourselves. Or perhaps we just need to escape ever feeling anything real, so we drown it in the worst habits our modern lives can give us.

We misinterpret it. Some deep part of our soul tells us we’re sad, and so we think that part of our soul is trying to get us to change that, to fix that, to do something – anything – to make us not sad anymore. We make stupid decisions and avoid healthy behaviors because they even bring us close to sadness.

These are all terrible things to do. What we should do is howl.

Embrace it. Bring that sadness in. Don’t avoid it, don’t drown it or mute it. Let it wash over you. Let it just be, because that is a part of being human. A life in which you are never sad means you never cared about anything because all things must change. If you care about anything, at some point that thing will change, and that is the core of sadness. This is inevitable, and so the howl is eternal.

Don’t trap it. Let it become you and embrace you and escape you. Sob, weep, scream, reach for the heavens, and feel it. Become nothing but a soul that can experience only sorrow… for a time.

And then, when the howl quiets, you will be more human than ever before. You will be clear, free from terrible vices or terrible choices because you just let it in. The howl won’t be something you’re trying to fight or run from, it will just be quiet, for a time. It will come again. Make your peace with it, for there is no substitute.

It is pure, it is eternal. As you embrace it, so are you.

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