New Month’s Resolution – December 2019

November was a fast-paced month with many changes. I believe I accomplished my goal of “hitting the ground running” in my new role at work, which has been incredibly rewarding. I work on an absolutely amazing and supportive team, and it’s a great environment in which to do good work.

That being said, there were definitely a few setbacks overall, some of which were expected and some of which weren’t, and that’s making me re-evaluate my plan for the last 31 days of the year.

  1. I did get a lot of reading done, but the pattern changed significantly. Most of the time I don’t read one book at a time; when I had physical books there used to be a dozen with bookmarks in them on various end tables throughout my house at any given time. Thank goodness for my Kindle. So if I read 4 books in a month, it’s not because I read one per week. Rather, I’d read one for 30 minutes, another for an hour, 4 chapters of a different one, back to the second one for a few pages, etc. Because of this, I’ve come to notice certain patterns in my reading – the more books I have “open” at any given time, the more deeply (ironically!) I’m diving into a specific topic. If I only have a few, I’m reading casually, but many means I’m trying to absorb everything about a topic. That’s what this month has been like. Still, I’m scaling down my reading requirements for December, because I have so many projects on my plate – some days it was very hard to get 30 minutes to myself to read.
  2. The schedule I’d tried to set for myself with work isn’t going exactly according to plan. Without going into too much detail, I essentially now wear two different hats at my job – I still do my old job, but have also taken on the responsibilities of the new role. I tried to segment the two into different days of the week, but the two sets of responsibilities just don’t want to be organized that way, so I’m going to re-evaluate that. Dividing up the day into segmented hour blocks will probably work better than dividing up the week.
  3. The holidays! I never seem to remember just how disruptive they’ll be, but I lose lots of time during them. Maybe it’s because for the last several years, my growing family has meant that each year’s holiday season has actually been significantly more hectic than the prior year’s, so I’m caught off-guard each time. I don’t really have a good solution to this one, other than to remember that there are actually only like 4 working days in December, apparently.

So here are my resolutions for December:

  1. Finish the rough draft for my book. Extremely doable based on my pace, but I have to be aware of which days actually allow for writing.
  2. Wrap up all my other projects so that going into January I have a clean slate to take on more. That includes both personal projects and my current work assignment.
  3. Research a more intense work-out/exercise regimen for January. I like mine, but I’ve sort of plateaued on it, and I want to have something new to implement right away after this month.

This is a great month for resolutions. It’s too easy to put things off and say you’ll make them New Year’s Resolutions, but my first version of this post was me talking about why that’s bunk. If it’s worth doing, do it today.

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