New Month’s Resolution – January 2020

I stand by my assertion that new year’s resolutions are bunk.

But I still like my new month’s resolutions, and January is a month, so here we are.

December was ridiculous, for a wide variety of reasons. I made several miscalculations, but also a number of successes. I’m going to talk about them!

  1. I didn’t completely finish my book, though I’m super close. Honestly, I just didn’t realize how much people demand your time during the holidays. I took a reasonable amount of time off from work, but it ended up being like trying to empty a glass while you’re underwater – something else just immediately rushes in to fill it. This won’t really come up again until next year, but next December I want to be a lot more assertive about asking the people around me to respect the time I’m trying to devote to things. I know I’m a huge Scrooge McGrinch, but I just dislike how “the holidays” are basically just a bunch of days in a row whose only purpose is to disrupt my careful routines.
  2. While I didn’t wrap up 100% of my other projects, I did wrap 95% of them, and I think that I’ll have the rest done by the time I go back to work on the 6th. I’ll take it.
  3. I’m happy to say I’ve obtained some better equipment for my workout routine, and once I’m back in my own home I’ll have my new routine started! (I’m out of town until the 4th, but I’ll accept that too.)

So, what are my resolutions for January?

  1. First, tie all those little loose ends from December’s resolutions.
  2. A ramp-up resolution: By the end of the month, I want to be back to reading 30 minutes every day and working out every day. Since I happen to be starting the month on vacation and then wrapping up these other projects, I don’t want to set a standard that I’ll immediately fail to meet. My schedule for these is as follows: as soon as I’m home from vacation I’ll start back into the workouts, and as soon as I’m not devoting time every day to writing a book I’ll immediately transition that time over to reading them again. In addition to new exercise equipment, I’ve also obtained quite a backlog of books I’m super excited to dive into!
  3. I want to spend more time doing organized social activities with people outside my normal circles. I’m terrible at casual hangouts, but I could do like a board game night or something, and I intend to.

My goals for January, taken together, look a lot like “return to baseline.” That’s pretty accurate, and that’s okay. A wise man once told me that sometimes you have zero days, but too many people try to counteract those with “hero days,” where they pile stuff onto their plate in order to try to scramble and make up for lost time. But that’s a recipe for disaster; the better thing to do is just focus on having “non-zero days,” where you make forward progress. If January has to be dedicated to that mindset, then I’ll be happy to do it.

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