New Month’s Resolution – April 2021

Happy New Month!

This is twice in a row where I didn’t do my NMR post until the 2nd day of the month. I’ve been going a mile a minute lately; lots to do, lots to accomplish, not enough Johnny. In fact, I even wrote a post about it yesterday, because I’ve been thinking so much about choice as it relates to time. But I completely missed noting the actual first of the month!

In the best of times, I don’t really mark the passing of weeks and months. A dozen or more times in my life my own birthday has come and gone without me remembering. I’m bad at the medium term – I’m great at ten-year plans and day-to-day actions, but bad at noticing that a month has passed.

That’s my resolution this month. To try to get my mind focused on a month as a unit, to see what I can really make a month mean. To meditate some, try to reduce my overall stress level. I already have at least one camping trip planned, and that always helps.

But really, my goal is to feel a little different on April 30th than I do on other days – to be able to look back on April as a whole and say that I made it more than the sum of its days. Wish me luck.

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