New Month’s Resolution – May 2021

That’s three times in a row that the NMR post is going out on the 2nd instead of the 1st. In addition to being a funny pattern, it also means that last month’s resolution can safely be called a spectacular failure.

Seriously, last month I resolved to be able to view April as a whole, to see what happened as a result of it, and to be conscious of the passing of time. Here’s what happened in reality – I didn’t even notice the entire month.

That’s my blind spot. Individual days – great, solid. I usually rock those; rarely do I go to bed feeling unaccomplished. On the other end of the spectrum, my 5- and 10-year plans are going great. I can look back on the last 5 years and say I’ve moved in the direction I wanted, at the pace I wanted. There have been unusual turns and missteps, but I’m definitely five years ahead of where I was five years ago.

But on that middle scale, the months fly by.

My father, a brilliant musician, once let me in on one of his secrets as a drummer. He said if he was improvising a drum solo and he made a mistake, he’d just deliberately repeat it eight measures later, and then it looked like a creative choice rather than an error. His broader lesson was sometimes just leaning into your mistakes and not fighting the natural pattern can be helpful, especially if the mistake is mostly stylistic anyway.

So maybe I’ll just keep putting out the NMR posts on the 2nd, because I’m choosing to. But also maybe I’m going to give being cognizant of the month one more shot. I can have the same resolution two months in a row, because these are my rules and who’s going to argue?

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